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Chef Gino’s Tips & Tricks For A Healthy Dessert

When it comes to healthy and delicious, Chef Gino knows what he is talking about. In this exclusive video straight from his master kitchen, Chef Gino shares his secret tips and tricks to serving a light, savory, and healthy delicious – just in time for the Holiday season!

Chef Gino’s Secret Halloween Recipe!

In preparation for an upcoming event, Chef Gino reveals one of his favorite Halloween secret recipes! Watch the video to find out all of Chef Gino’s hidden tips and tricks for creating a Spooktacular Halloween meal fun for kids and families! Please comment and share your thoughts below!

Authentically EATalian Recap

It was such a joy to participate in the Authentically EATalian program during the past few weeks. We had several pasta making classes in public schools all across the Huntington Park area. If you didn’t see the slide show yet, here it is Authentically EATalian Slideshow. It was a fantastic adventure. Full of happy faces, laughter, and joy. The kids […]

A Hidden Treasure at LAX

Well, there you go! I thought I found a treasure…..I’m at LAX , waiting for my flight to take me to new York to visit my beautiful twins who just started college in the East coast this year. I love flying. It relaxes me. I have all my rituals and one of them is trying […]

Chef Gino’s Huffington Post 10 Tips to Raise Kids’ Food IQ

After reading the news about some school districts stopping their healthier lunch programs, I realized that we really need a cultural switch in this country to make the food revolution more than a passing trend. We desperately need to raise our children’s food IQ, and here are 10 easy tips to do just that. 1. […]

Summer passions: grilled watermelon and arugola salad

I love watermelon.  As a child in Italy,  I remember stopping by these kiosks at night along the highway with my family in the summer. They would keep watermelons in big vats filled with cold water. We’d sit around a picnic table and eat a slice of DELICIOUS watermelon, ripe, juicy, sweet. What a treat […]