A Hidden Treasure at LAX

Well, there you go! I thought I found a treasure…..I’m at LAX , waiting for my flight to take me to new York to visit my beautiful twins who just started college in the East coast this year. I love flying. It relaxes me. I have all my rituals and one of them is trying to be at the airport with plenty of time. I buy my magazines and look for food to bring on the plane . I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the farmer market (see pics) a small kiosk by my terminal that sells fresh sandwiches on whole wheat, salad and even fresh fruit. How refreshing! I stay in line for a while , get my turkey , cranberries and goat cheese on whole wheat sandwich and a ice tea but when I get to the cashier I’ m warned by the checkout lady that the sandwich I’m buying, any sandwich for that matter, is 11 bucks!

It’s too bad that trying to do the right thing will get you penalized. Mac Donald it’s way cheaper and that’s why the lines are longer.

Times are tough for everyone and doing the right thing shouldn’t be a prerogative only for the wealthier. I’m hoping that on my next trip I’ll be pleasantly surprised again with fresher choices and cheaper prices.




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