Authentically EATalian Recap

It was such a joy to participate in the Authentically EATalian program during the past few weeks. We had several pasta making classes in public schools all across the Huntington Park area. If you didn’t see the slide show yet, here it is Authentically EATalian Slideshow. It was a fantastic adventure. Full of happy faces, laughter, and joy. The kids were engaged, energetic and happy. I could teach classes like that every day of the week. It is the single most rewarding thing I get to do in my job. We topped everything off with an event filled with the entire first-grade class atWest Hollywood Elementary School – 76 to be exact. 76 first graders that, all at the same time, got to make fresh pasta from scratch! It was probably my largest group, maybe the largest group EVER of kids making fresh pasta from scratch simultaneously under one roof. We had so much fun and after the event we were so happy to receive emails from teachers and parents alike telling us how excited the kids were when they got home. They shared stories about pasta and told us about how their kids were demanding them to make pasta for dinner!

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