Piccolo Chef Spends A Day At the Educational Theater

It was a really wonderful experience working with the actors from Educational Theater. What a bright and energetic group of young people! The work they do is inspiring – they actually bring health education to life! And what better place to train about food than Piccolo Chef? The thespians learned the art of not only pasta-making, but pasta-making-teaching, so as to bring their message (and ours!) to the children who need it most. The team at Piccolo Chef could not be more proud to be associated with such an endeavor. For more than 25 years, the Educational Theatre Program (ETP), has offered – free of charge – music, comedy and drama, as well as live theatre programs to schools and communities. These amazing teachers also serve as skilled workshop facilitators, health educators and role models to the people they meet every day. Well, now they can add Italian sign language – courtesy of Chef Gino – to their numerous offerings!

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