Summer passions: grilled watermelon and arugola salad

I love watermelon.  As a child in Italy,  I remember stopping by these kiosks at night along the highway with my family in the summer. They would keep watermelons in big vats filled with cold water. We’d sit around a picnic table and eat a slice of DELICIOUS watermelon, ripe, juicy, sweet. What a treat it was! These were the days when watermelons had seeds! And they were only for sale maybe for just a month, between july and august.

Another of my passions since moving to the states is the barbeque, especially in the summer. I know you may think that barbeque and watermelon don’t really go together… but here’s a simple recipe that combines my two summer passions: Grilled watermelon and arugola salad! Enjoy!

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  1. chef Lucio October 16, 2013 at 9:37 am #

    Bellissima idea, fresca ,accattivante e fragrante solo nel sentirne la realizzazione! bravo Chef!

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