Chef Gino’s Huffington Post 10 Tips to Raise Kids’ Food IQ

After reading the news about some school districts stopping their healthier lunch programs, I realized that we really need a cultural switch in this country to make the food revolution more than a passing trend.

We desperately need to raise our children’s food IQ, and here are 10 easy tips to do just that.

1. Start them young.
And by young I mean YOUNG. When our beautiful twins started to eat solid food we had these two high chairs with a big tray in front of them. We would put all sort of food on the trays and our kids would make a mess eating and tasting. To this day the twins, now in college, are extremely adventurous about food and on an early trip to Italy a waiter described them as “buone forchette” (literally “good forks,” the ultimate Italian compliment) as they were feasting on seafood at a restaurant in Liguria.

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