In the kitchen with The Meem

I remember the first time my Aunt Bella let me crack an egg. I can’t remember what we were making, but I do remember the feeling I got of great responsibility…I couldn’t believe she was letting me do this! By now, I’m used to that face – the one of wonderment, amazement – when we give a small child an egg to crack at Piccolo Chef. I’m used to it, but I never tire of it. They can’t believe they get to do such a task! Yes, it can get messy, and yes, we must – as Chef Mimi tells us – wash our hands immediately after handling raw eggs (and clean the area around us), but what a wonderful skill to have at the age of three. Just imagine what they will be capable of at this rate when they are five? Here’s a couple of tips when cracking eggs with toddlers.

1. Have patience. This may take a few eggs.

2. Have a bowl nearby for the shells and a sponge for the cleanup.

3. Use a flat surface rather than an edge to crack the egg, as there is less chance of shell shards getting into the egg.

4. The most important thing: have fun and enjoy what you made together! I know we enjoyed that Crostata that Mimi made that day!

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