In 2008, we became the first award-winning kids cooking school in Southern California. We are now also the premiere cooking show party business in Southern California. Through our classes, we still bring parents and children together into the kitchen and teach kids about cooking good healthy food. We see the kitchen as the hub of the house, where traditions are passed on, where you speak about family history, what happened during the day. We bring the family back together to the table, share meals and experiences.

We are also a full-service company, designing, planning, and producing the most fabulous kids cooking show events. We are not just the gold standard in cooking show events and parties; we create extraordinary, once-in-a lifetime experiences and memories for kids and their families. Whether parents are planning a birthday party, a bar mitzvah, or just want to celebrate some special moment, Piccolo Chef creates an event as fun and exciting as the best cooking shows on TV.

At Piccolo Chef, small children learn about the wonder of cracking an egg for the first time; the extraordinarily textured flavor of a Myer lemon; the ecstasy of pounding pizza dough. They learn all the amazing things that can go into making their meals, from planting tomato seeds to preparing fresh carrots to the final spotless clean-up that says, “We did it together!” For the older kids and teens, sophisticated recipes based on high-quality real food will keep them engaged and teach them a life skill they will take with them forever.

And all this while building the self-confidence that comes with making delicious family meals. We learn about the history of foods and cooking. We talk about different world cultures. We study proper table manners and etiquette. We work together as a team to make amazing new dishes. And… we bring the family together in ways that many of us have forgotten or lost in the haste and stress of our do-it-all schedules.

So please join us at Piccolo Chef for our cooking classes for children and teens, holiday family workshops, culinary camps and extraordinary cooking show birthday parties. We look forward to you becoming part of our Piccolo Chef family – and us becoming part of yours.


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Piccolo Chef Founders Tina Fanelli Moraccini and Lilian Palmieri are mom-preneurs with a vision to make healthy cooking attainable and fun to children of all ages and walks of life.

They opened Piccolo Chef to teach children and their parents the art of healthy cooking and reconnecting with one another through all phases of the cooking process from the garden to the table. They deliver all of this with compelling recipes, highly nutritional ingredients, a kitchen with real tools and a nurturing team-based approach which respects the intelligence and abilities of children in different age groups.

The expanded Piccolo Chef team includes celebrity chef Celestino Drago and many incredibly talented chef instructors. Together, they offer classes, workshops, summer camps, private parties and more for children ages 3 to 17. Topics covered include all phases of the cooking process from garden to table, including etiquette classes to polish the experience.

Prior to opening Piccolo Chef in 2008, Tina and Lilian worked as a team for 12 years at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Los Angeles (Cultural Center of the Italian Consulate General) where they organized countless cultural events which underscored authentic Italian culture.

Both Tina and Lilian reside in the Los Angeles area where they happily cook wonderful meals together with their families (almost) every day of the year.