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    When it comes to healthy and delicious, Chef Gino knows what he is talking about. In this exclusive video straight from his master kitchen, Chef Gino shares his secret tips and tricks to serving a light, savory, and healthy delicious – just in time for the Holiday season!

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    I used to love Halloween. I loved the chance to dress up, be someone else for a day, trick or treat. Now, I still love it, but it comes with its own set of problems. Namely, the blatant doling out of candy filled with GMOs, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, artificial coloring – and […]

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    It was a really wonderful experience working with the actors from Educational Theater. What a bright and energetic group of young people! The work they do is inspiring – they actually bring health education to life! And what better place to train about food than Piccolo Chef? The thespians learned the art of not only […]

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    In preparation for an upcoming event, Chef Gino reveals one of his favorite Halloween secret recipes! Watch the video to find out all of Chef Gino’s hidden tips and tricks for creating a Spooktacular Halloween meal fun for kids and families! Please comment and share your thoughts below!

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    It was such a joy to participate in the Authentically EATalian program during the past few weeks. We had several pasta making classes in public schools all across the Huntington Park area. If you didn’t see the slide show yet, here it is Authentically EATalian Slideshow. It was a fantastic adventure. Full of happy faces, laughter, and joy. The kids […]

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    There is a phenomenon in schools with the younger set that I refer to as “Food Teasing”. It’s when that kid who sits next to yours looks over at your kid’s lunch and, with a scrunched up nose, says “Ewww! What is that???” “That” can be something as simple as a thermos full of pasta […]

  • Well, there you go! I thought I found a treasure…..I’m at LAX , waiting for my flight to take me to new York to visit my beautiful twins who just started college in the East coast this year. I love flying. It relaxes me. I have all my rituals and one of them is trying […]

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    I had a hard time deciding whether or not to post this video to our Piccolo Chef Facebook page due to it being a sort of commercial for a major food chain, but in the end I went for it because in this case, the message is much more important than who paid for it. […]

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    Piccolo Chef put together this wonderful slideshow recapping some of our best moments from our LAUSD tour in conjunction with Authentically EATalian. Click here to check it out!

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    “I remember the first time my Aunt Bella let me crack an egg. I can’t remember what we were making, but I do remember the feeling I got of great responsibility…I couldn’t believe she was letting me do this! By now, I’m used to that face – the one of wonderment, amazement – when we give a small child an egg to crack at Piccolo Chef.