The Piccolo Chef Cookbook is no ordinary recipe collection. It is the fruit of four years of award-winning cooking classes, workshops and camps at Piccolo Chef, the leading cooking school for children and teens in Los Angeles.


Each recipe has been tested, again and again, by all ages in their culinary classrooms and has been vetted for its health-enhancing value as well as its flavor and adaptability for home-cooking. This cookbook, which was designed to bring Moms, Dads and children into the kitchen, and then to the dining room, to prepare and enjoy a meal together.


At Piccolo Chef, they believe that cooking is a basic skill that all children can and should learn, and that learning this skill will lead to a certain feeling of independence and self-confidence, as well as improved eating habits. They believe that food and recipes should be kept basic and preferably organic and locally grown, in order to correctly educate the taste buds.  You will not find “kiddie” food in The Piccolo Chef Cookbook, but only real food of the very highest quality. Safety is an important feature of this book, as aptitude


in the kitchen is fundamental in preventing many accidents – children must learn from an early age to recognize and prevent risks in the kitchen and acquire safe behavior.
The Piccolo Chef Cookbook presents the school, its founders, and its philosophy, including the importance of bringing the family back to the dinner table…as well as the benefits of eating together, conversation and manners.

The book includes a foreword by Celebrity Chef Fabio Viviani.


Reviews on Amazon

This book goes way beyond its subtitle, “Healthy cooking with your kids.” So much attention to detail has obviously been invested in its content, it has become a work of art, a celebration of life! The recipes are beautifully designed to be nutritious and fun for children and adults to make together. The organization, the thoughtfulness invested in every detail of the conception and design of the book explodes off every page. Observe a slice of watermelon in action as you have never seen it before on page 165! The visual and literal feast delivered on every page expresses love for children and the desire to share with them joy in the art of cooking; passion and playfulness in the art of living itself!

Gillian Smith


WOW! This cookbook makes you look like a trained chef after making some of these recipes. There were so many great ideas in this book that I loved, and even better the book is geared for you to share and cook with your child which in my book is even better. What was great about the cookbook was not only that there were a ton of great recipes (which there were) but beyond that there were amazing images to help you know what you were making and the step-by-step instructions were clear and simple to follow. This is especially important when cooking with a child so I greatly appreciated that and so did my daughter! The recipes in this book are also healthy, but they are definitely not lacking in flavor, and my kids really have not complained in any sense that they are healthy for them at all. They actually have asked for more of some of the recipes I have tried thus far which is always a good sign! Overall, this is a great book that will engage you and the children around you in some wonderful one-on-one cooking excursions! Bon Appetit!

Dad of Divas