What Makes Newsworthy?


News is information about events and current affairs that affect the people. It may be about politics, business, sports, entertainment or the weather. It can also be about science, education or technology. News can be printed in newspapers, magazines and on radio and television. It can also be found on the Internet.

What makes something newsworthy varies from society to society, however. In general, it must be new, unusual, interesting and significant. It must also be about people. The more of these criteria a story meets, the better. In addition, it must be presented briefly so that readers can read it quickly, clearly so they can understand it and picturesquely so they will remember it. Finally, it must be accurate so that people can use it to make informed decisions.

The most important part of any news story is the lead, which is the first paragraph. This is where you catch your audience’s attention and make them want to continue reading. It is also important to avoid “burying the lead” by not making the reader wait until the end of the article to find out what’s going on. This is important in print journalism as well as on the Internet.

There are several different types of news:

1. Controversy: Stories that involve a heated argument or disagreement that could potentially have a major impact on society. These stories often include a conflict of interest or a controversy that is of national importance.

2. Exclusivity: This refers to information that is obtained by the media prior to other sources. This can be through interviews, letters to the editor or investigations. It is important for the news media to be able to provide exclusive information to its readers in order to keep them interested in what’s happening around them.

3. Celebrity: Prominent men and women make news when they do something exciting or unusual. For example, if a famous person is arrested or is involved in a scandal. People are also interested in their favourite celebrities. They want to know what they are doing, where they are and how their lives are going. 4. Health: People are interested in their health and how to stay healthy. This includes stories about diet, exercise and medicine. They are also interested in medical advances and diseases.

5. Watchdog: News media plays a vital role in keeping the public aware of abuses of power and corruption by exposing these issues to the public. It also provides a forum to debate important social and political issues.

Besides being informative, News can also be entertaining and fun. This is because it offers a variety of entertainment and leisure, such as music and drama programs on TV and radio; and crosswords and cartoons in newspapers. Moreover, it also helps to serve as a medium for cultural and social exchange through its coverage of art, theatre and film.